Make it fun!, make it fast!, make it last!

Love to learn?
Well, your learners don’t.
But, we’re gonna fix that.

A New Way of Thinking

“We just don’t have enough time.”
“The business needed that course super fast.”
“We need more resources.”

Never say these things ever again! Software companies want you to think that you need high-production, high-touch, highly interactive course to get the engagement you need. 

But all that is total trash. There are insanely simple, low-effort, low-cost ways to crank up your course development, AND make training your learners will love, and that you can be proud of. We’re about to flush LAMENESS down the crapper.

In a world full of lameness,
you too can make a difference.

Our industry suffers from an acute case of LAMENESS.

  • People hate training
  • It doesn’t meet their needs when they need it to
  • A 25% retention rate is considered, “Pretty darn good.”
  • It’s built on 23-year-old tech
  • And… it’s just plain boring as hell

Most training treats people like a train stuck on a one-way track.

A guy who couldn't take that lame training anymore
A guy who couldn't take that lame training anymore

We know everyone’s different, that they learn differently, but how the heck can you make differentiated training when your company NEEDS between 300 and 500 individual courses, and they needed them yesterday?

You’re so swamped, that making fun, engaging, training is a pipe dream. But what If you could…

  • Tear through your backlog like a Batmobile out of hell
  • And reduce admin time by 75%
  • While getting a 70% retention rate (or more)
  • And make training that is so fun & engaging that learners will actually say, “Hey, when’s that next course coming out?”

This is not a pipe dream. I’ve spent 15 years in education, shlepping every job from middle school history teacher to learning management consultant. I looked for anything and everything that would help me crack this code. I studied classical educators, progressives, system analysts, storytellers, game designers, Kung Fu masters, & a few basketball coaches.

From those learnings, I created the FUN, FAST, LAST method.

A guy who couldn't take that lame training anymore

3 Steps That Drive Out Lameness

Step 1
Make It Fun!

Make it Fun! Person Surfing

Those stoggy dudes from the 1800s took one of the most meaningful things we do, and turned it into dry toast. We bring the fun back to learning by using low-effort high-impact techniques, like Story Patterns, QBL, & Meaningful Interactions.

Step 2
Make It Fast!

Make it Fast! Person Sprinting

We put the factory system where it belongs, on the production line, and away from the creative process. We use modular design and MVP cycles to get you a complete content library up and running in no time, sometimes in as little as 1 month!

Step 3
Make It Last!

Make it last! Person Meditating

Now that you have all this cool training, you gotta organize it, update it, and keep it clean. Super LAME. We’ll design your library so that it requires the minimum of admin work, and optimize your LMS to boot.

These people think Droo Learning is cool.
Proof that you should too.

Droo has a remarkable ability to comprehend complex concepts quickly and convey them with clarity. I witnessed his unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality work with remarkable attention to detail.
Steve Sosinski
Strategic Customer Account Exec,
Learning Pool
Droo leveraged his skills in UX, fine art, & design to develop our platform & content. He partnered with our most demanding customers to build technical and accessible learning journeys; and designed and facilitated our highly-rated hackathon.
Stephanie Webb
Global Talent Leadership,
Droo is an exemplary curriculum developer, writer, illustrator & creative educator. He communicates concepts in engaging ways, utilizing themes to make complex information easily accessible to the layperson.
Greg Russell
V.P. of DISCO University
A guy who couldn't take that lame training anymore

Leveling Up!

But you’re saying, “I got a whole team of IDs making training for me. What do I need need you for???”

That’s perfect. We work with your team, designing you a program that works for your unique environment. We have workshops that can take your team to the next level, or if you’re strapped for resources, we can do the work for you.

Kick Lameness in the Teeth!

Most of us are educators ‘cuz we want to make cool stuff & change lives. We could do it too, if the business would give us what we need & stop making their dumb demands.

Well, that ain’t changing any time soon. That’s why I created the FUN, FAST, LAST system. It meets the needs of the business, ultra-fast, so they get off your back. And we found that orgs tend to reward high output, increasing your chances of getting that budget increase. Now you can play their game, and win!