All About Droo

One day, it’ll be a movie.
A very boring movie, but still, a movie.

Droo Higgins

Droo Higgins

I graduated college with a degree in watercolor. As you can imagine everyone was breaking down my door to hire me.

So, I had to shift gears pretty quickly and figure out what I was going to do (and gear-shifting soon became my greatest talent). For a while, I worked in graphic design, web design, and marketing. But, I noticed that the jobs I liked the most were the ones where I got to teach something. I saw people have “ah ha” moments, and I caught the educators’ bug.

I moved into public education, teaching history and coaching (a classic combo). Even though I was rolling in dough from my teacher’s salary, I started to see the negative effects that standardized tests had on my students. After 4 years, I just couldn’t see myself supporting these unethical practices.

I thought I could do more good in corporate education, and I haven’t looked back since. Since then, I’ve tried on about every hat on the rack. I’ve been an instructor, eLearning developer, curriculum designer, and did UX optimization for LMSs; shifting gears whenever I felt like I had tapped out whatever a job had to teach me. Eventually, I was consulting Fortune 500 companies (like American Airlines, GE, and Toyota) on their learning programs.

At the start of 2023, I asked myself what my biggest fear was, and to my surprise, it was that everything I had learned about learning would be lost whenever I shuffled off to the great beyond. So, I’m putting it all here. Every tip and trick, every hack, every ounce of training knowledge I’ll stick here on this site. I hope it will help you in teaching the next generation to make this world a better place (just like we did 🫠).
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