Make the business happy and learners happy, at the same time.

There are 2 things you gotta know in this industry

  1. The Biz wants you to make lots of training, FAST.
  2. But Learners need training that’s Useful, Fun, & Engaging.

These 2 things hardly ever line up. If you make it fast, it comes out dry, boring, and LAME!

Engaging training takes Creativity, Care, and potentially Hundreds of hours of production time.

I learned that if I wanted to create Cool, Fun training, I had to find a new way. So I started looking for the best techniques that could meet both of these needs, & techniques that didn’t step on each other’s toes.

And the FUN, FAST, LAST system was born.

Hand-tailored Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

  • Training Workshops: Fun hands-on sessions, working on your in-flight projects, to get your team up and running with this production system.
  • Admin Help: We fill in, where ever there’s a gap until you can fully take over.
  • FULL-SERVICE: You sit back, and we do all the work. We’ll even DoorDash you a margarita 😉


When most of us think of high-engagement training, we think of complex computer interactions, things that are akin to video games. But these types of interactions take way too long to build. In your entire career, you may only have the chance to build a handful of these. But I wanted every piece of my training to be high engagement. 

I was comforted in the fact that people have been learning things since the Stone Age, and as any 2-year-old knows, rocks are way more fun than computers.

So I looked for simple techniques, things that wouldn’t bog down production and could be easily implemented, things like Story Frames, QBL, Write to Learn, and Meaningful Interactions.

For each technique, I tested them against the needs of production and maintenance to ensure that my pipeline wouldn’t grind to a halt. 

And it worked! We were churning out training like it was on an assembly line. And learners kepts coming up to us saying, “Oh my gosh, that course was so amazing. When’s the next one coming out!”


It’s not just about doing more, it’s about meeting the business’s needs ultra-fast. It takes most L&D teams 3-5 years to build out a full curriculum, and that’s just for 1 subject area (and you probably need 6 of those).

Your business can’t wait 18 years for you to create a complete training catalog. They gotta do business NOW!

Make it Fast, is all about getting a subject area up in 1-3 months (or 1 year for your entire training catalog). We use a variety of production and automation techniques to make this happen.

  • Content Maps: These map out the entire territories of your subject matter areas. It catalogs everything from what you Know, to what you Don’t Know, to what you Could Know.
  • Modular Reusable Training: Never repeat yourself. Now that you have all these lovely bits of info cataloged, we show you how to modularize your library. Instead of having large monolithic courses, you now have a bag of Legos that you can use to make whatever learning paths you need to. 
  • Learning Path Design: You probably don’t know that your production process is slowing you way down. And this all has to do with how your courses and learning paths are designed. We’ll dive deep into your tools and processes, and create an optimized system. Most teams see a 400% increase in production!


This system builds large content libraries incredibly fast. The last thing you need is to be bogged down under the weight of course changes, updates, and maintenance. That’s why every part of this system is designed to reduce and eliminate maintenance everywhere it can.

  • Update Proofing: Nothing kills productivty like update cycles. Updates spread like ants, eating up your available time. We’ll help you build walls against run-away updates. And for those times when you do need to update content, we’ll help you construct a system that allows you to make an update in one place, and have them cascade throughout your library.
  • LMS Optimization: Bad search, bad UX, and disorganized libraries, can bring your LMS to a grinding halt. We’ll roll up our sleeves and give your LMS that much needed tune-up. We’ll have it working for you instead of the other way around.
  • Content Evolution: While updates are the bane of L&D orgs everywhere, allowing your content to get better with age is a target we can all shoot for. That’s why MVP cycles are baked into the FUN, FAST, LAST process. The same techniques we use to reduce updates are the same ones we use to improve content over time. Our system lets you build quick content to meet business needs, and allows you to upgrade it in small manageable chunks, over time, so you can create ultra-high-quality content that your learners will love.

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