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Droo Higgins

Droo Higgins: Owner

I make learning plans. Need to figure out how to launch a new learning program? I got that. Need to implement a new LMS? I can show you how. Need to make a ton of content? We can spin that up. There’s not much in the L&D world I haven’t done, so putting all the pieces together comes naturally for me. Let me help you on your next project.

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Ty Walsworth: Co-owner

Ty is a master of web design, branding, and marketing. So much of our industry comes from the world of academia, but when we are teaching our employees and customers we need to think like marketers and give them a consumer-grade experience. Ty brings those skills to the table, so you can be sure that your training will be like nothing else.

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Droo Higgins
Droo Higgins

Lokesh Sahal: CTO

Lokesh makes sure everything works around here. From crafting technically perfect eLearning, to total LMS overhauls Lokesh has your back. Need to launch 100’s of videos, or build out a comprehensive curriculum? Lokesh is a master at logistics, sourcing, and tool optimization.

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