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Resume Package

Not just a resume, this is my story and my quest to improve learning for all.

Folders Course

This is a sample of a course on how to use folders, just about the lamest topic you could ever have for an eLearning course. I took the challenge to make this one of the most interesting courses I’ve ever created. This turned out to be a company favorite.

End of Matter Course

A tongue-in-cheek course about how to close a customer account. We used public-domain images from old romance comics to give it a humorous style.

Simulation Training

We created this sim for our new hire onboarding. It showed you how to use our flagship product using a real-world legal case with real-world documents (Enron scandal). Our new hires loved it, and many of them could pass our certification exam (the one designed for actual lawyers) right after participating in the sim.

Video Production

Here are a few links for customer-facing product training videos I created. I wrote and produced these, and in many cases, even stared in them.

Tags – Feature Spotlight

Search filters – Feature spotlight

Document Viewer – Feature Spotlight

Informal Video

Here’s a video I recorded for a nursing conference on how to create an easy classroom simulation. This is pretty indicative of a lot of the informal SME videos that I produced.

Storyline Course

I don’t always use the slideshow format of Storyline and Captivate, but it does have its advantages. Here is a Google Slides storyboard for a course I made on how to up-sell cremation (no joke, that was the project).

High-Engagement Handout

This is an educational handout I made for my own freelance business. It’s a good example of my writing and what I can do with just text and images. It’s also a great outline of how I make high-engagement training.


This was an experiment I ran using LinkedIn. I wanted to see how small I could make a lesson. I used pretty dense info, and compacted them onto the backs of envelopes.

Content Factory Handout

I’ll leave you with this last handout on the system I developed for creating lots of content in a short amount of time.

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